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Woman with bad headache

Have Bad Headaches or Migraines?

Find out which type of headache you get and what Blair Upper Cervical can do to fix it.

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Stay Tuned on My Blog

Are you interested in alternative healthcare? In my blog I focus on wellness care, whether it be the right food, exercise or medications, I chat about it here.

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Let's Get Social

For the most up-to-date upper cervical chiropractic info, promotions, and delicious recipes. I welcome interaction - so what are you waiting for? Join in!

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Fix Your Headaches for Good, Just Ask the
Headache Doc!

Some rely on medication to fight their headaches while others just live with the pain because they don't want the side effects of the medication. Neither scenario is fixing the problem. I get to the cause of the headache and fix it. Browse this website to read more about how upper cervical chiropractic helps get rid of headaches and migraines... for good.

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The Headache Doc

Dr. Jeffrey Jensen aka 'The Headache Doc'

Dr. Jeffrey S. Jensen
Practicing Blair Upper Cervical Medicine
2009 - Present

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Spinal chord

Upper Cervical Care

helps with headaches and bad migraines.
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Chiropractic at all ages

What Age

should someone start upper cervical care?
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No more popping pills

Popping Pills

does not help manage your headaches long-term.
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