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Common / Frequently Asked Headache & Chiropractic Questions

Q: How is upper cervical chiropractic different from general chiropractic?

A: First of all, upper cervical is a speciality within chiropractic. To be proficient it requires hundreds of extracurricular hours. The upper cervical region (upper neck) is much different then the rest of the spine, and therefore, should be treated differently. It requires a precise adjustment specific to each individual. The exact misalignment a person has can truly only be found through specific x-rays that are not taught in general chiropractic.

Q: How long are the appointments?

A: Your first appointment will usually take about 45 minutes. At this time we determine if your problem is caused by a misalignment in your neck. If so, we proceed to do a full evaluation, including x-rays, to determine how to treat. During your next appointment I will report my findings from the exam/x-rays and will correct your specific misalignment. From there on out your appointment duration can vary, but typically is a brief visit to the office.

Q: Can I get x-rays while I am pregnant?

A: We don't x-ray pregnant women, but there is much that we can do through other analysis that will benefit you throughout your pregnancy. Feel free to speak with the doctor about your options.

Q: Does the adjustment hurt?

A: The adjustment is very gentle. It requires no popping or twisting. Oftentimes, after the adjustment, a patient can feel soreness due to beneficial corrections the body makes once the neck is properly aligned.

Q: When will I see results?

A: With headaches results may vary. Many people see results in a very short time. Typically, the longer a person has been dealing with headaches the longer it may take to get full symptom relief.

Q: What if my MD has said I will always live with headaches?

A: This is a question I have heard many times. I have successfully treated many people in this situation.

Q: Can you help people who have had chronic headaches for years?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Are there any age limits to receiving upper cervical care?

A: No.