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Common Types of Headaches and a Glance at Their Symptoms

Tension Headaches

Quick reference about tension headaches. Read more here »

  • most common
  • feels like tight band around head

Cluster Headaches

Quick reference about cluster headaches. Read more here »

  • can be mistaken for migraine
  • generally one sided
  • often described as piercing, stabbing, burning, and/or throbbing
  • usually begins around your eye and travels up to the forehead
  • single eyebrow dropping
  • eye tearing and congestion on the same side


Quick reference about migraines. Read more here »

  • severe headache
  • often accompanied by nausea
  • sensitivities to certain stimulus, such as light or sound
  • more common in women
  • pain on one side of face/head
  • more commonly felt behind one eye

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