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What Cluster Headaches Are and How to Treat Them

If you suffer from cluster headaches you know pain. Fortunately, the more intense the headache the more relief we will get with treatment. These are life-changing experiences when someone has been suffering from such an intense ongoing pain.


Although not common, cluster headaches can affect one's life immensely. These are usually described as the most intense and painful of all the known types of headaches. Not only is the intensity great, but, as the name implies, these come in clusters. Most people will get 1 to 4 headaches a day during a cluster period. These headaches don't usually last as long as a migraine though, usually less than 1 hour at a time. Cluster headaches are 5:1 more common in men.


Although this is thought to be a near cousin of migraines it is not actually a migraine because it is possible to have both types of headaches. Most experts consider cluster headaches to be related to blood vessels though.

This headache is usually one sided, like a migraine. It also usually begins around the eye and will often travel to the forehead. It is described as piercing, stabbing, burning, throbbing and usually so bad that the person can't hold still.

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