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Pain Pills are Not the Answer for Headaches and Migraines

What do pills do to fix your problem? Let's just say your problem is headaches…is that really the problem or is it the symptom? Symptoms are caused from some type of underlying disorder. In most cases headaches are from a misalignment in the upper neck putting pressure on nerves which makes the muscles tight and the body will respond by telling you it hurts. Treating the symptom doesn't fix the problem and, in every case, the problem will just get worse because it is being neglected.

Imagine your house is on fire and the only way you know this is that your fire alarm is screaming in your ear. What is your next plan of action? Do you take the batteries out of the fire alarm? Of course not, because it doesn't fix the problem and your house will burn down. Popping pills, in some sense, is the same. It covers up the symptom and just masks the problem.

Once the neck is in proper alignment the headaches will automatically disappear because the problem is being fixed…you are putting out the fire. This way the body is allowed to fully heal itself and restore balance.

If you still aren't convinced let me explain it to you this way. Even "harmless" over the counter drugs are definitely NOT harmless. Do you know what the leading cause of Acute Liver Failure is? I'll give you a hint, it isn't alcohol abuse anymore. Acetaminophen, otherwise known as Tylenol, is the leading cause of liver failure. Even over the counter drugs are not harmless.

Let's fix the problem.

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