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What Tension Headaches Are and How to Treat Them

A tension headache is the most common of all headache types. It's usually described as feeling a tight band around your head.

It may feel as if muscle contractions are responsible for your head pain, which is why this type of headache is generally referred to as a tension-type headache, though experts no longer think muscle contractions are the cause. In fact, some experts think tension headaches are mild and more frequent forms of migraines. Often times a migraine starts with a tension headache.

The most common treatments for tension headaches are over the counter drugs. It is important to note two things. Over the counter drugs are not safe when used frequently and for a long time. Also, treating the symptoms is not fixing the problem. You can think of headaches as a fire alarm warning you that something is not right. If you take medication you are ignoring the problem…like taking the batteries out of the alarm.

Upper cervical doctors are designed to get to the root of the cause of headaches and fix it there, thus allowing the body to heal itself and get rid of the problem instead of covering it up.

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