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What is Upper Cervical Care?

Blair Upper Cervical is an elite technique within chiropractic. 100's of hours of extra-curricular study and clinical experience are required to truly practice Blair Upper Cervical Care.

The put it simply the upper cervical area is the upper neck. Your upper cervical doctor can precisely balance the upper neck, which is the doorway between your brain and your body. Virtually all your nerves pass through the first bone in the neck. When everything is in proper alignment it restores the nervous system to fully communicate to your body and allow true healing.

Now this isn't a simple pop of the neck. There are specific digital x-rays taken first to determine the exact nature of the problem. Once detected the adjustment is based on the findings in the x-rays, thus everyone has an adjustment unique to their body type. Your upper cervical doctor will then use a gentle force to correct the problem. There is no popping or twisting involved.

Please watch the following video to gain an even better perspective.

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